Terri + Greg | Highlight Reel + Photo Story

When we look back in life, it's easy to connect the dots, follow the path of seemingly random events that somehow led us to exactly where we're meant to be. For Terri, it all began when her job brought her to Fort Wayne. Originally from Michigan, her work territory began to expand into Indiana, and then one day she walked into 's Wonderful Interiors.

The owners, Dennis and Terry, immediately hit it off with Terri. Soon, occasional business visits were not enough -- so they decided to find her a man in the Fort and keep her around permanently. By chance, one evening they happened to see Greg out, eating alone, and the rest is history. A double date was set up, and the four gathered at the Oyster Bar (which also provided the bar for the wedding).

Having a lifelong sixth sense, it was love at first sight and Terri knew he was the one that very night. Often, she'd think about him, and he'd call soon after. After a year and a half of dating, Greg proposed the day before her birthday at Joseph Decuis. Already happy with dinner and some small gifts (including socks), Terri wasn't expecting anything else -- although she had a bit of a premonition. Greg pulled her into the lounge for one last drink, and produced a poem and a ring from his pocket. She said yes.

On August 2nd, friends and family gathered from all over the MidWest to witness the union of Greg and Terri. Their love for each other is so visible, for those closest the couple this day was an inevitability. The rain clouds dissipated just before the wedding party arrived, leaving a balmy, warm summer's evening perfect for celebration. While both have Catholic backgrounds, the ceremony was more of a spiritual than religious occasion, performed by a close friend of the bride.

Greg and Terri are easy to be close to, and we were lucky to be able to share and capture their special day. We definitely haven't seen the last of the Habigs. Congratulations and much love!